Can strategic partnering be the answer to success for business owners?

Posted on March 29, 2011 by Bill Faiferlick

The past 2 or 3 years have hit small business inordinately hard. Typically, they do not have a high level of cash reserves, and what they do have are often backed by the owner’s personal wealth and assets which took a tremendous hit (housing and 401K’s) as a result of the recession. Owners had to ask: how much more am I willing to risk? The answers varied based on the overall health of their company, their industry (were they in a declining or growing industry), their age, their passion and energy and their belief in themselves and their company. Some businesses crashed & burned and are no longer around, many survived and some thrived and grew. What made the difference? And what can we learn from this going forward? Bill Faiferlick and his guest, Barri Carian, Principal of the Carian Group will focus on the opportunities and challenges facing business owners and critical steps to avoid disastrous pitfalls.

Barri Carrian, Principal Carian Consulting, US

Barri Carian, Principal of Carian Consulting, Author & Facilitator of CEO/Business Owner Roundtable, started Carian Consulting in 1997 after successful stints as an entrepreneur and founding member in two start-up companies and as a senior executive in two Fortune 500 firms. She has a passion for business and for the entrepreneurial spirit; is a strategic and critical thinker with expertise needed to grow revenues and profits. Today, Barri guides business owners through the maze of issues to produce powerful and sustainable results quickly. She runs a Business Owner Roundtable that meets monthly to tackle the challenges and opportunities in running their businesses. Barri is the author of “Creating Great Business Partnerships”, the result of dozens of partnership interventions that takes potential partners through the critical steps to avoid disastrous pitfalls. She is a Past President of the Orange County Chapter of the National Assn of Women Business Owners.