Unacknowledged risks of an all U.S. wealth preservation plan

Posted on February 1, 2011 by Bill Faiferlick

Daily articles and newscasts highlight the erosion of police forces, government services and the encroaching penetration of the government into private affairs – that is affairs and agreements that are entered into by private individuals with other private individuals. The question we now have to ask is: how does that affect our assets? What are the unacknowledged risks of an all U.S. wealth preservation plan? My guest today is Mark Nestmann, an international tax and asset protection expert. On a previous show, Mark Nestmann and I discussed how the internet and computers have forever altered the privacy landscape with the click of a mouse often without our knowledge. There have been dramatic changes to the social security systems that previously permitted Americans to live in relative peace and freedom to control their assets and wealth. So the question Mark and I are going to discuss is where do we go from here?

Mark Nestmann, Wealth Preservation Consultant, US

Mark Nestmann is an investigative journalist and wealth preservation consultant with more than 20 years of investigative experience. He is the President of The Nestmann Group, Ltd., and the Tax and Asset Protection Editor for The Sovereign Society. He is the author of many books and reports dealing with wealth preservation, international tax planning and offshore investing. His consulting firm provides wealth preservation and international tax planning services. Mark is an Associate Member of the American Bar Association (member of subcommittee on Foreign Activities of U.S. Taxpayers, Committee on Taxation) and Member of the Society of Professional Journalists. In 2005, he was awarded a Masters of Law (LLM) degree in International Tax Law at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Mark is the author of several reports and books, including THE LIFEBOAT STRATEGY, AUSTRIAN MONEY SECRETS, and THE BILLIONAIRE’S LOOPHOLE. To order his books and reports go to: www.nestmann.com.