Hybrid pensions help business owners and professionals remain profitable: stop overpaying taxes unnecessarily.

Posted on November 30, 2010 by Bill Faiferlick

Discover the best tax management tool for business owners and professional to reduce tax liabilities – Hybrid pension plans. Why you’re missing out mission on this opportunity! Business Owners & Professionals can regain control of their tax liability by cutting it in half with hybrid supplemental pension plans. Contributions range from $90,000 to $250,000 per participant enabling owners and professionals to manage tax liabilities more efficiently. Your choice: pay more money to the IRS than is required, OR invest those tax dollars to create new investment capital and personal wealth. Assets benefit from tax deferred compounding generating accelerated accumulation balances. Market volatility is eliminated by certain guarantees. Assets are not general assets of the company and are safeguarded from judgments and creditors. Bill Faiferlick and his guest Mark Zingle combined experience spans more than 55 years in this highly specialized ERISA hybrid pension market. You’ll hear the dos and don’t, if you’re serious about making money this opportunity must be explored.

Mark Zingle, Actuary

Mark Zingle is President and founder of two fee-for-service consulting firms in Minneapolis. Before building his own companies, he served in a variety of life insurance corporate roles, including Financial Officer, Marketing Officer, Chief Actuary, and Chief Administrative Officer. Mark’s experience spans 35 years, and today he specializes in plan administration for small employers. He also provides expert witness testimony and consults to life insurer home offices on product and compliance matters. Mark earned both his undergrad and MBA degrees in actuarial science from the University of Michigan. He holds a number of actuarial designations and is an enrolled agent.