The time leading up to this month’s blog has been very exciting and busy so here are just a few highlights:

Posted on May 15, 2009 by Bill Faiferlick

Have you registered for my upcoming seminars in Newport Beach (June 12, 2009), Salt Lake City (June 15, 2009), Houston (June 17, 2009) and Dallas (June 18, 2009)? If not, then go to my seminar registration and reserve your seat today.

I’ve managed to coax a semi-retired, professional colleague of mine, Prof. Hampton, a leading international authority on global wealth preservation, to join me on this limited four city tour intended for business owners, professionals, and advisors.

Anyone in business or in an advisory capacity has to attend if they want to be on the leading edge of innovative wealth building strategies. Business owners, professionals and advisors have to know opportunities exist and that’s the purpose of these presentations. Go to my seminar info page for more details.

A limited opportunity will be available for business owners, professionals and advisors to meet with us during the tour on a pre-scheduled first come basis.

Check out my Books/Audio section of my website: The e-booklets on Realities in Retirement Planning: You Can’t Retire Forever on $5.0 Million and Owner & Professional Benefit Pension Plans: $350,000 Yearly Tax Deduction You’re Missing Out on! are now available. By planning now, business owners and professionals can create financial security for themselves and their families.

In other developments, I have agreed to partner with a women’s organization called The Little Black Dress Plan as their financial expert. This organization originated in Canada and has expanded into the US.  They are dedicated to women’s wellness mind, body and soul including their financial wellness.

I am a firm believer in healthy living and financial wellness and education so this was a great fit with my commitment to women in business that I have already established. If you’ve scrolled down my home page, you’ll read about my efforts to donate $120,000 to worthwhile women’s businesses in 2010.

A thought until next month: The word “crisis” in Chinese translates into “opportunity”. For every negative there is a positive, for every obstacle, there is an opportunity and that frankly is what my business strategies are based on. It’s about translating needs into opportunities because if we don’t look after ourselves and our financial futures no one else will.

There is an incredible opportunity for business owners and professionals to regain their financial security, reduce their taxes and build their wealth using rarely mentioned strategies. This can be done by leveraging the tax system within environments not subject to volatility. My clients are absolutely overjoyed because they’ve experienced no financial losses in their retirement accounts valued over $1.0 million. If you want to learn more about these opportunities, you need to attend one of my upcoming seminars.

For business owners and professionals, you do control what you will have later on, but first it requires that you take action. I hope to see you at the seminars.