What happens to US citizens’ living abroad and their assets?

Posted on April 26, 2011 by Bill Faiferlick

Many US citizens in this global economy choose for a myriad of reasons to live abroad whether for employment opportunities, retirement or for sheer pleasure. US citizens who either possess foreign assets or are living abroad are now subject to a complicated, complex web of reporting requirements by multiple US government agencies. Bill Faiferlick and his guest, Jon Bischel will discuss the rapidly changing pace of regulations facing US citizens living abroad and some of their implications. Jon Bischel, is an international taxation attorney and expert who has written 13 books and numerous articles on international and high technology taxation as well as having been cited as an authority by the Tax Court and US Supreme Court. He is currently engaged in authoring the revision to the UN Tax Treaty Negotiation manual.

Jon Bischel, International Taxation Attorney

For the past 40 years, Professor Jon Bischel has specialized in international taxation, principally as a law professor at Syracuse University and the first director of the first American Bar Association approved on-line law graduate LLM program while at Regent University. He has frequently testified before Congressional tax committees and was appointed to the Advisory Committee to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue by President Ronald Reagan. Since 1971, he has variously served as Assistant Secretary, special advisor and rapporteur for the UN Expert Group on Tax Treaties and its successor, the UN Committee of Experts on International Cooperation in Tax Matters. Currently, he is engaged in authoring the revision to the UN Tax Treaty Negotiation Manual.

Aired: 04/26/11