The United States Government Isn’t Playing By Its Own Rules

Posted on October 6, 2013 by Bill Faiferlick

Bill Faiferlick Financial Strategist Governmentt ShutdownIt seems the very politicians we put in office to run our country only want to do so if they can steal the agenda and force their ideas down the people’s throats, even when they are violating laws that have been enacted to prevent this.

Instead of going through the legislative processes mandated by law to ensure government of the people, by the people, and for the people, politicians have financially hijacked the country and brought government services to a grinding halt to get their policies strong-armed through.

I’m not here to point fingers, I believe those responsible for hurting those they’ve sworn an oath to represent, the citizens of this country, will get their just rewards for their inexcusable actions at the ballot box.

What I will comment on is while the US government worked to ensure they’ve strengthened their government oversight on YOUR money, from how its earned, to where and what you do with it, they’ve done nothing to be more responsible with THEIR money, which is provided by you, the American taxpayer. In fact, they are actively working to make it harder for the people of this country to have any clear picture of how the government spends it’s trillions of dollars it gets in revenue annually.

Their approach to running the country is putting their own best interests first and the financial implications of this will be felt for months, and even into the new year. The last quarter of the year often means the difference between profitability or sizeable losses for businesses.

How can a business person protect what has taken decades of hard work to build?

If you still have a few years left to work you need to think globally and consider how much of your assets or future income you’re willing to diversify and protect.

Creating excess dollars to invest keep getting harder each year, especially in light of the steep taxes everyone will feel this year. You can actually take advantage of the government shutdown to do something about that.

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