Bill Faiferlick Bio

Bill Faiferlick is a financial strategist, author and talk show host with more than three decades of experience.

His financial career started in 1979 with the formation of Diversified Interests Inc., an Investment Advisory firm where Bill gained his IA designation. He sold his controlling interest in Diversified interests Inc. in 1988 and was hired by AXA Advisors Corporation, an International Securities and Investment Conglomerate, to run the small business advisory group in Washington State. In 1988 he acquired his RIA designation. While with AXA, Mr. Faiferlick became one of two advisors in Washington assigned to work with First Interstate Bank of Washington’s private banking clients providing both expert advisory and investment services beyond the scope of the offerings of this national bank.

In 1983, Mr. Faiferlick purchased the controlling interest in Nor Coast Inc., an apparel manufacturing company and this organization was sold in 1988 for profit.

In 1999, Bill left AXA Advisors to form his own private business, Financial Strategist LLC. Since then, Bill has authored Preparing for Retirement, An Explanation of Executive Deferred Compensation & the Tax Ramifications as well as numerous articles such as “The Booming Federal Deficit – Should We Be Concerned” featured in Financial Playbook where he was on the cover with Warren Buffet and his book “It’s Your Money: Your CPA May be Costing You Millions.”

In demand as a speaker and educator by the professional community, Mr. Faiferlick’s engagements have included presentations on behalf of the private banking division of First Interstate Bank in Seattle, the Pacific Life Insurance Company in California, attorney networks, and representatives for the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company in Denver, the Estate Planning Symposium in Miami, and the Automobile Dealers Association for the entire State of Washington to name a few. For those in the financial services industry, his addresses and training sessions were typically for attorneys, accountants, enrolled agents, financial planners, trust officers, and related disciplines. In particular, his in-house training materials have proven to be among the best received in the financial services community.

His book, “It’s Your Money: Your CPA May Be Costing You Millions”, is intended as a wakeup call to business owners and professionals examining lost wealth creation opportunities and unnecessary liability exposure costing millions of dollars through misinformation and incomplete advice especially from their most trusted advisor – their CPAs.

Bill was a weekly talk show host on VoiceAmerica Business with a national listenership of just under one million. His show entitled: It’s Your Money focused primarily on educating business owners and professionals on information and strategies that can enhance their success, increase their wealth and protect their assets.

His forthcoming book “Divorce Insurance: How to Protect Your Privacy and Assets from Life’s Unexpected Events” focuses on the precarious financial position that many of us will face because of unexpected divorce, business dissolutions and death or disability – issues that jeopardize or threaten the success of businesses.

Domestically, Mr. Faiferlick’s office is in Scottsdale Arizona. Internationally, he has a thriving practice with offices in the Bahamas, Panama City, Panama and soon to be opened London, England late 2011.

His international activity is comprised of ultra high net worth individuals where he advises on issues surrounding asset protection, investment advisory services and enhanced privacy issues.

His passion is to help business owners and professionals keep more of their hard earned income for their own personal wealth creation. His clients are looking for ways to reduce their taxes, improve their profit margins and increase their wealth. In today’s volatile economy, business owners and professionals need to learn how to take money off the table to create personal wealth for themselves. His strategies like hybrid or supplemental pensions leverage the tax system using compliant strategies offering business owners and professionals the opportunity to greatly reduce their tax liability beyond the best efforts of their CPAs.

Business owners and professionals involved in buying and selling a business or practice can apply advanced tax planning strategies that can save the buyer and seller potentially millions of dollars on one of the most heavily taxed transactions that they will ever be party to. These strategies help to ensure not only the sale of the business but work to sustain higher sales prices. Domestically, Bill saves his clients about $30 million annually while that amount is much greater internationally.