About Bill Faiferlick

Who is Bill Faiferlick?

Bill Faiferlick, Financial Strategist specializes in developing business and financial strategies for business owners, professionals, and affluent individuals generally in the U.S. and Canada.

Bill is a consultant, speaker, author and talk show host with more than thirty years in the financial service industry. Bill’s practice includes consulting on domestic and international tax, investment, and protection strategies. His consulting services span a wide range of the business sectors including extensive work with doctors and dentists.

As a former owner of a manufacturing and real estate investment company, Bill has firsthand intimate knowledge of many of the issues facing his clients. Bill’s own practical experience has resulted in a unique perspective and beneficial solutions seldom found in the advisory community today.

Bill has held key positions as a partner in Pension Labs and the 412i Company. He has been a successful investment advisor for AXA Advisors and Equitable Life Insurance Company of New York. Over the years, Bill has helped countless business owners, professionals, and affluent individuals substantially enhance and protect their prosperity.

What are the benefits of working with Bill Faiferlick?

In working with owners, professionals, and affluent individuals, Bill creates strategies that frequently reduce tax liabilities, (often by as much as one half), and optimize investment diversification both domestically and internationally allowing clients to regain control over their earned income, available under the law.

Clients routinely benefit from accelerated wealth accumulation in various tax-favored environments – conversion of non-deductible expenses into deductible expenses, risk management through better utilization of entity structures with an emphasis on opportunities which provide enhanced creditor protection and minimize market volatility. Bill’s clients benefit from increased privacy as a result of incorporating suggested recommendations.

For more than two decades, Bill has been bridging the vast information gap between the services and advice offered by CPAs and attorneys compared to the availability of opportunities. The magnitude of this intellectual gap has resulted in lost opportunities, increased risk exposure and unnecessary liability exposure.

Why is Bill so passionate about working with business owners, professionals and affluent individuals?

Over his career, Bill has sought to provide alternatives to product-oriented, mainstream recommendations by creating strategies that are capable of interconnecting a multitude of seemingly divergent needs to create comprehensive solutions. The strategies are balanced against individual and business concerns and governmental regulations to allow successful implementation of various components creating unparalleled opportunities.

Bill became passionate about finding solutions when he started on his journey more than thirty years ago as an owner of a real estate investment and later manufacturing company. He was confounded by the lack of beneficial recommendations coming from the accounting industry relating to tax, investment, and protection strategies specifically geared to solving issues routinely faced by business owners, professionals, and affluent individuals.

Large corporations and executives routinely benefit from wealth accumulation strategies that traditionally have not been made available to business owners and professionals. This disconnect is why Bill is so passionate about educating and providing clients with solutions they are legally entitled to, in order to accelerate, maintain, and preserve wealth.

Why are Bill’s services so important?

Due to recent changes in Washington D.C. and the global economy, maximizing opportunities to create, maintain, and preserve wealth are more critical than at any other time in our recent history. Extended life expectancies, extended retirements, the proliferations of frivolous litigation, economic financial risks, rising health care costs, and inflation, all erode capital and savings. Liabilities more specifically tax liabilities successful people of all career or professional paths are expected to live with are high, with promises of even higher rates to follow.

Over the years, thousands of clients have said they are already doing everything to mitigate their tax liabilities and protect their wealth according to their advisors -typically their CPAs. Yet the fact is that for potentially millions of individuals nationwide, regardless of their company size or employee base, there are other opportunities available. These creditable strategies will not be found within the accounting industry. Too many mainstream solutions tend to place products ahead of adequate planning or recommend the same solutions that have changed little in the last thirty years, and fail to solve the unique issues of these individuals.

Recent legislation is dramatically altering the financial landscape. The Troubled Assets Relief Program of October 2008 designates all financial institutions in the US as agents for the Internal Revenue Service, and the Small Business and Work Opportunities Act of 2007 precludes your CPA from being your advocate.

By knowing how to create, preserve, and maintain wealth, Bill’s clients are better positioned to regain control over their economic futures.

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